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About Us

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Pink Puppy Designs is dedicated to two things...

  • Making our customers and their owners happy by creating comfortable fashion collars and leashes that make dogs proud to walk out of the house
  • Helping out homeless pets by supporting rescue groups and animal shelters
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About the Spokesdogs


Mr. Pink, Fletcher and Tallulah each came from unpleasant beginnings and ended up in shelters. Now adopted and enjoying the good life, they love sporting their favorite Pink Puppy Designs collars. Heads always turn their way as they strut their stuff around town; proud of everything in their life now... including their collars! Because of the wonderful work animal rescues do and the beautiful lives they save every day, a portion of sales is donated to animal rescue groups.

If you are thinking about adding another furry one to your family, check out our Adoptable Dogs page. All of these pups are currently in rescues looking for homes. Or, you can use which allows you to search for that perfect match by breed, size, age, etc!

Mr. Pink

C.E.O. / Taskmaster


Mr. Pink was the inspiration for Pink Puppy Designs. He puts the "pink" in Pink Puppy and is now in charge of looking cute for the camera, being an advocate for small dogs everywhere, and managing the workforce (i.e. the human as well as Fletcher and Tallulah).


Mr. Pink was first brought to the animal shelter in February of 2005. The story his owners at the time told was they didn't want him anymore because they were allergic to him and made them itch. Not an unusual story for pets at shelters; in fact, "allergies" is the second most common reason pets are abandoned at shelters (the first is "moving").

When shelter workers first saw Mr. Pink he was filthy, ungroomed, staring at the ground and shaking. He was terrified of everything and his first 8 hours there he did nothing but curl up in a little ball at the back of his cage and tremble. Stephanie from Pink Puppy Designs (who worked at the shelter at the time) couldn't stand to see him like that and tried to console him every chance she got by holding him in her arms and whispering sweet nothings in his ear... it was only at those times that he ever stopped shaking. At the end of her shift she decided that he couldn't spend the night there all alone and decided to bring him home to foster him until he could be ready for adoption (i.e. cleaned up, neutered, and up to date on vaccinations). Well, that was it: bringing him back to the shelter was out of the question. Not an hour into life at a real home and he was actually wagging his tail. He super glued himself to her side and wouldn't let her out of his sight.

It was another few months after that until he actually starting feeling comfortable around strangers, but now Mr. Pink is a very outgoing little boy... the neighborhood flirt.


V.P. / Security Chief


Fletcher was adopted shortly after Pink Puppy Designs opened and is a wonderful asset to our team. His main duties involve promoting high fashion for large breed dogs everywhere as well as keeping the Pink Puppy premises clear of squirrels and other such invaders.


A lone Collie mix wandering the streets of rural farmland was picked up by the local animal control. The shelter hoped and prayed for the owner to claim their dog. Days went by... then weeks... and it was clear he had been abandoned. Time is so limited and dogs are so many. To be able to continue to help the new dogs sometimes the "long-timers" time comes. However, in a continuing effort to save each dog, this shelter contacted other rescue groups for help. For this little Collie, one answered from 350 miles away.

This sweet Collie, now named Fletcher, was flown in a small plane to a little airport amidst some corn fields. He was picked via van by his new foster mom, the owner of Pink Puppy Designs (which was to be his future mom even though they didn't know it at the time). He went to the shelter for his animal health incoming exam and then home with her.

Had she not been able to foster him, Fletcher would not have been able to come to this shelter because every kennel and crevice in the shelter was full of other wonderful pets waiting impatiently for homes. There are just so many abandoned pets... it's heartbreaking. Fletcher's eyes seemed constantly sad and when you looked into them you knew his heart was broken by his former life. Months went by and slowly he began to realize that this home truly was for forever. Now he has home filled with love and friends to play with.


Product Manager / Party Planner


Tallulah's main duties are to make sure products are fun, cute, and (if possible) tasty. In addition to her grueling schedule testing out chew toy yumminess and collar cuteness, she also makes sure everyone takes regular breaks for playtime... to help productivity, of course.


Coming soon...

To all of you, from all of us at Pink Puppy Designs - Thank you and happy shopping!

Chef and Maid for Mr. Pink and Fletcher