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The Rescued Collie Puppies Arrive

Saturday, April 24, 2010 10:51:33 AM America/Chicago

Yummm... dirt!

My two newest fosters arrived a couple days ago from the Collie Rescue of Greater IL. They are two adorable bundles of fur (i.e. 8 week old collie puppies). Junior (rough coat) and Lexie (smooth coat) were originally purchased from a breeder. After the owner found out they each had a detached retina (which means they are blind in one eye) they didn't want them anymore. That's when Collie Rescue swooped in, saved them, and is now looking for new homes for them who will love them the way they are.

Despite each being blind in one eye, it doesn't phase them a bit. In fact, you'd probably never even notice. They are just a couple of happy-go-lucky pups without a care in the world.

Junior is a typical boy... running and romping and getting dirty is the name of the game. He is outgoing, bold and very adorable. His blue merle markings are just stunning and he often has a lot to say.

Lexie is a tri-color Smooth Coat Collie. She has a rather submissive personality and lets her brother take...

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Izzy Goes Home

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 11:28:27 AM America/Chicago

Izzy Gets Adopted

Izzy has been adopted! Her new family picked her up and she even had a furry Beagle brother waiting for her when she got home (who was also a former foster dog of mine).

Her family reports... "She and Harley hit it off better than we expected. He actually got all excited and wanted to play with her in the yard... She is currently sucking on his Kong. But that is only fair -- he jumped right on the new mat we got for her and tried to chew her big Nylabone. Nothing is sacred here! She is doing better than he did on his first day with us. Within about 10 minutes of being in the house -- he peed on my nice oriental rug. She hasn't had an accident yet. We are all going to head to bed early as it has been quite an exciting day."

Congratulations, Izzy! I will certainly miss her, but she is a very lucky girl and found an amazing family to call her own.

Comments | Posted in Animal Rescue By Stephanie

Heartworm Positive

Friday, April 2, 2010 11:10:19 AM America/Chicago


After rescuing Izzy (my current foster dog) from living chained outside and neglected, she unfortunately tested positive for Heartworm. It's a tragic blow, but is treatable as long as we caught it quickly enough. Only time will tell.

For the last few weeks Izzy has been waiting. There is currently a shortage of Heartworm medication and we have anxiously been awaiting her name to come up on the waiting list. Today we got the call and she has her first treatment scheduled for Monday, April 5th.

She has a long battle ahead of her. It starts on Monday with an injection into her lower back and the whole process will take a minimum of 2 months. The treatment is often quite painful and is uncomfortable for some time after. Her activity level will need to be very restricted. If she gets too excited and active, it can increase the risk of the dead heartworms moving through her system which can clog the arteries creating very serious complications in her heart and lungs. Then, after four ...

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Comments | Posted in Animal Rescue Pet Health By Stephanie

Formerly Chained Dog Proven Smarter than Owner

Monday, March 15, 2010 3:13:06 PM America/Chicago

Izzy's Pretty Face

Izzy is a 3 year old, blind in one eye, adorably sweet Rottweiler/Labrador Retriever mix. She was rescued on a Humane Investigation where she had been living her life chained outside with inadequate shelter, food and water. I took her in as a foster and every day since she has pleasantly surprised me. I have fostered many dogs who had only known life on a chain and there is generally an initial period of helping them get accustomed to living inside a house. For some this is lengthier than others, but they all have been wholeheartedly grateful for the safety and extra attention they receive living inside with people.

With Izzy it has been no different, but I noted from the start that she has a remarkable learning curve. Her main goal in life is to make people happy. She doesn't always know how to do that, but she is determined to figure that out. She has picked up commands and verbal corrections very quickly and with her leash training (something she had never experienced) she has...

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0 Comments | Posted in Animal Rescue By Stephanie

Another Dog Rescued from Life on a Chain

Sunday, March 7, 2010 12:19:52 AM America/Chicago

Izzy's Former Home

On many occasions I have had the opportunity to assist a friend of mine, a fellow Humane Investigator, in checking on the animals in a very hairy part of town on the south side of the city. The streets are lined with dilapidated homes - many burned out or collapsed and prime targets for drug dealers and other such illegal characters. It's the kind of town you usually go out of your way to drive "around" rather than "through" if it happens to fall along your route of travel.

In this town I have seen some of the worst of the worst of animal abuse and neglect cases. Dog fighting is a popular "sport" in the area and the status quo is to keep your dog tied on a heavy chain, provide little to no shelter and give food and water only when it's convenient to do so.

It's here where Izzy was found chained to a fence with only an airline carrier as protection from the elements (see photo from her case above). She was afraid of her owner who was suspected of abusing her, but thanks to a kindly ne...

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Comments | Posted in Animal Rescue By Stephanie

Chase Finds a Home

Saturday, February 13, 2010 11:50:32 PM America/Chicago

Chase has officially found a home. He fell in love with his new mom right away (and vice versa) and he now lives happy as can be with his two human teenage sisters and two other dogs.

His mom, who works as a part-time groomer, reports that she was able to finish his haircut and he did very well for it. It had to be cut a lot shorter than she plans to keep him because of all the matting he had, but it's finally even.

He is a very happy little pup now, and is feeling great to finally be in a real home with a family that loves him. Congratulations, Chase!

(Chase was sent home with a matching 3/4" Leopard print dog collar and leash from Pink Puppy Designs.)

Comments | Posted in Animal Rescue By Stephanie

Chase Gets a Haircut

Friday, January 15, 2010 9:00:00 AM America/Chicago

Ready to Play Fetch

After a very nervous first few days, little Chase was finally comfortable enough with me to let me give him a haircut and a bath. He is now clean and fresh and is noticeably feeling much better. I'm not grooming professional, but at least it's better than it was before when he was all covered in matting and filth.

As you can see from the photo, he has begun showing off his interest in toys. He is testing out some of the eco-friendly rope bones that we are considering selling at Pink Puppy Designs. He seems to be enjoying every minute of it. Chase like to play fetch, but after a few throws from me he usually ends up playing fetch with himself. He tosses the toy up over his head all by himself and then runs after it. He thinks that's just the best!

View Chase's online bio on the rescue's website.

Comments | Posted in Animal Rescue By Stephanie

Chase Learns to Trust

Monday, January 11, 2010 5:24:45 PM America/Chicago

Chase is Miniature Poodle who is barely 2 years old.  I originally found him while on patrol with my fellow Humane Investigator.  He was filthy, covered in huge mats all over his body and was running loose in a rough neighborhood.  We chased him for blocks until he made his way back home.  After speaking with his owners (who, I might add, weren't too concerned that he was running in traffic) we discovered that their 9 year old son was Chase's sole caretaker and he was quickly loosing interest in the dog.  They decided he was just too much trouble and chose to give him up for adoption.

I decided to foster him and the first night I had him, it took 2 1/2 hours to leash him up and take him outside.  He was terrified and was being very protective of himself.  It was clear he had been shown little to no compassion from his former "family" and had learned that he was the only one he could count on.  Chase would barely move on the leash.  Every time I gently coaxed him he would move 1 foot 1 s...

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Upgrades to Pink Puppy in 2010!

Monday, January 11, 2010 9:16:09 AM America/Chicago

January 2010 marks huge upgrades to the Pink Puppy Designs store. We now offer many features, such as an easier to browse catalog with a bunch of new pictures, wishlists, product reviews, and much more!

The image at the right is Mr. Pink relaxing after the endless hours he spent getting the new site ready... it's so hard being a Spokesdog.

In addition to all the great new changes on our site, we have also made improvements to processing times, which will reduce delays for custom products. Oh, and let's not forget the new blog, which will highlight Pink Puppy news, training tips, updates on the Spokesdogs, product information and updates from my rescue adventures, including information on my foster pets as they come and go.

Best wishes for a wonderful 2010 to you and your furry friends,

P.S.   Mr. Pink, Fletcher and the rest of the Pink Puppy team would like to remind everyone that all collars, leashes and harnesses are carefully handcrafted in the USA. Thank you for supporting us!...

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Rockefeller Gets a Second Chance

Saturday, January 31, 2009 6:00:00 PM America/Chicago


Stephanie of Pink Puppy Designs is also a Humane Investigator in Illinois. While on a case, she and her partner came upon a dog chained to a dilapidated doghouse. Rockefeller had been living there for 7 long years in a space of about 15 square feet day and night in all kinds of weather.

After speaking with the owners about the inadequate conditions, they signed him over to be put up for adoption. Stephanie brought him home so he would have a comfortable place to stay while he waited for a new home. At first he was very nervous about everything relating to living indoors since it was all very new to him. However, he is now learning what it is like to be an indoor dog... loved, kept warm, given lots of attention... and he loves it.

Rockefeller is currently available for adoption through Animal Education and Rescue (AEAR). For more information read his bio on AEAR's site.

Pink Puppy Designs donated a Martingale Dog Collar to Rockefeller through our rescue partner program!

Update: September 2...

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