After rescuing Izzy (my current foster dog) from living chained outside and neglected, she unfortunately tested positive for Heartworm. It's a tragic blow, but is treatable as long as we caught it quickly enough. Only time will tell.

For the last few weeks Izzy has been waiting. There is currently a shortage of Heartworm medication and we have anxiously been awaiting her name to come up on the waiting list. Today we got the call and she has her first treatment scheduled for Monday, April 5th.

She has a long battle ahead of her. It starts on Monday with an injection into her lower back and the whole process will take a minimum of 2 months. The treatment is often quite painful and is uncomfortable for some time after. Her activity level will need to be very restricted. If she gets too excited and active, it can increase the risk of the dead heartworms moving through her system which can clog the arteries creating very serious complications in her heart and lungs. Then, after four ...

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