1st day at my house

My newest foster came to me completely traumatized. He had just been given up by his owner and had little to no socialization with people other than his owners. The poor guy was given up by his family because they were going through a divorce and said they no longer had time for him. He doesn't understand why they won't come back for him.

When I first took him in, Kramer was so terrified that he wouldn't let me touch him. He would give me the "Evil Eye" and even snap to scare me away if my hand came too close. It took many hours of quietly sitting with him, using slip leashes to get him out of his crate and out to go potty and only feeding him if he ate it from my hand (which he did begrudgingly). However, after a week he had transformed and we finally developed a strong level of trust with each other.

Kramer is now a completely different dog. He gets so excited when he sees me come home from work and loves getting belly rubs. It's amazing what a little patience and love will do. Now comes the tedious task of socializing him with new people... something that should have been done long ago when he was just a puppy. Despite his delayed education, I am confident he will learn to be a well-adjusted boy no matter what comes along. All he needs is a family willing to take a little extra time showing him all the wonderful things that life has to offer.

Now that Kramer trusts me and I can use a regular leash and collar for him, he is working on picking out his "new look." He can't decide between Zebra Stripes or American Flag... such a big decision!