Junior is an 8 week old purebred rough coated Collie puppy that I am fostering through Collie Rescue of Greater IL. Here is his bio from CRGI...

Congratulations! Now that you've seen Junior's photo, you have officially seen just about the cutest thing EVER! Take a minute to recover, because this was a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Junior probably wouldn't appreciate us calling him 'cute', so you may want to use another word when you meet him. Junior is all boy, all the time, and he thinks 'cute' is for sissies. This confident little guy marches through life with his head up and his chest out, and if he had a back pocket it would be filled with string, a shiny rock and a sling shot. He's got stuff to do, and he needs to go get started! Like all puppies, Junior is learning about housebreaking, sleeping in a crate, and how to walk on a leash. He is also busy learning about squeakie toys, sticks in the yard, what does that flower taste like and can he chew on this? There is just so much to know! For all his bravado and daring, though, Junior is pretty willing to grab a cuddle when he needs one and can be so sweetly affectionate that your heart will melt.

When he is big enough, Junior will need to take a few minutes out of his busy day to attend puppy school with you. This is important, not just to learn the usual good dog things like heeling, sitting and down-ing, but because Junior is blind in his left eye and will need to depend on you just a tiny bit more. Now, we all close one eye when we aim our slingshots, and pirates always have an eye patch, so Junior will move through life just fine despite this. Take a minute to close your left eye and look around - not so bad - just a little different! Junior's right eye is fine, and he will do well in life - he'll just be that much more qualified to hoist the Jolly Roger over his back yard!

Junior will get along fine with other dogs, but may be a bit much for an older canine friend. He will need to learn not to chase cats, or other little animals, but this is a good time to teach that lesson. Junior has a wonderful downy coat that will be stunning when he is older, but it will need a lot of care - so be prepared to teach him about brushes early!

So if you are ready for a baby boy, and can be firm when he asks for a parrot to sit on his shoulder, Junior is ready to move into your home & your heart!

(Beneath all his fur, Junior is wearing a Zebra Martingale Dog Collar)