We recently picked up Scout as our new foster dog through Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois. Scout is a purebred rough coat Collie that was rescued as a stray covered with over 80 ticks! Yuck! If that isn't a reminder to Frontline your dogs, I don't know what is! He had to be shaved down to make sure all the ticks were removed properly, but he doesn't mind. He's just thrilled to be living inside, loved and cared for again! Sadly, he did contract Lyme Disease from the ticks so he is beginning treatment.

Scout is a handsome and well-behaved fella. He minds his manners and believes very strongly in getting along with everyone. It has been wonderful to see him make fast friends with our two dogs (Gerry and Fletcher) as well as our two other foster dogs (little Chihuahuas). He is a very sweet and gentle dog.

Lucky him, a family has already fallen head over heels for our buzz-cut boy and he will be getting officially adopted very soon! In the meantime, he is relaxing and recuperating.

To get him started on the right foot, we have given Scout a fancy new collar. He has decided to be ground-breaking and pick the brand new style Green Apple Prep Martingale Dog Collar. He is the very first to wear it and is super excited about it!