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Meet Junior, a Collie Puppy

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 10:41:57 AM America/Chicago


Junior is an 8 week old purebred rough coated Collie puppy that I am fostering through Collie Rescue of Greater IL. Here is his bio from CRGI...

Congratulations! Now that you've seen Junior's photo, you have officially seen just about the cutest thing EVER! Take a minute to recover, because this was a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Junior probably wouldn't appreciate us calling him 'cute', so you may want to use another word when you meet him. Junior is all boy, all the time, and he thinks 'cute' is for sissies. This confident little guy marches through life with his head up and his chest out, and if he had a back pocket it would be filled with string, a shiny rock and a sling shot. He's got stuff to do, and he needs to go get started! Like all puppies, Junior is learning about housebreaking, sleeping in a crate, and how to walk on a leash. He is also busy learning about squeakie toys, sticks in the yard, what does that flower taste like and can he chew on this? There is just so much to know...

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Meet Lexie, a Collie Puppy

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 10:35:42 AM America/Chicago

Lexie's New Collar

Lexie is an 8 week old purebred smooth coated Collie puppy that I am fostering through Collie Rescue of Greater IL. Here is her bio from CRGI...

Strange things happen when you see a puppy for the first time. Your eyebrows wrinkle together & upwards, a big smile stretches across your face, your shoulders go down and your hands stretch out. An involuntary 'Ohhhhh! Look at the baby!' raises up from your heart and escapes your lips and your can't wait to pick that little bundle up and snorgle her neck.

Lexi is a puppy who carries a Level 10 Cuteness Alert - so be prepared for all of the above when you see her. We'll even warn you about the possibility of a Level 11 knee-melt and maybe even a Level 12 Cuddle Attack - this is one little girl who will wiggle her way straight into your arms and your heart.

Now, Lexi is NOT a fluffy ball of fur, and never will be. She is a smooth collie, and is one of the prettiest we've ever seen. She is an elegant little girl who will blossom into a sleek, lovely aristocrat of the collie world. Smoothies have beautiful movement, are very smart and extremely affectionate - and people who have them are often hooked for life! Add the fact that her lovely tri-coat will gleam like ebony and require much less maintenance than a rough, and well, what more could you ask?

Lexi's days are busy doing puppy stuff - playing with toys, learning about housebreaking, and walking on a leash, so your summer will be filled with fun as you guide her through her growing months. Every day will be exciting as you watch her grow and learn, and she will have a special place in your heart forever - puppies are like that! We strongly recommend that Lexi attend Puppy School when she is old enough - not only for the bonding it will produce between you, or the education she needs to be a canine good citizen, but because Lexi is blind in one eye. Lexi's left retina was detached at birth, so she doesn't know any other way to see, but training class will help her be confident of your guidance, and help her learn to move freely through life. Lexi's right eye is normal, and you'd have to watch closely to notice that she sees from only one eye, but you should be aware that sometimes she might be surprised by movements on her left.

Puppies are always little jewels in the Collie Rescue treasure chest, and Lexi is certainly one of our sparkling best. A bundle of darling in the beginning, and an elegant lady to share your life - we envy the family who adopts our little Lexi - will it be you?

(Lexie is a wearing a Hot Pink Prep Martingale Dog collar)

Comments | Posted in Animal Rescue By Stephanie

The Rescued Collie Puppies Arrive

Saturday, April 24, 2010 10:51:33 AM America/Chicago

Yummm... dirt!

My two newest fosters arrived a couple days ago from the Collie Rescue of Greater IL. They are two adorable bundles of fur (i.e. 8 week old collie puppies). Junior (rough coat) and Lexie (smooth coat) were originally purchased from a breeder. After the owner found out they each had a detached retina (which means they are blind in one eye) they didn't want them anymore. That's when Collie Rescue swooped in, saved them, and is now looking for new homes for them who will love them the way they are.

Despite each being blind in one eye, it doesn't phase them a bit. In fact, you'd probably never even notice. They are just a couple of happy-go-lucky pups without a care in the world.

Junior is a typical boy... running and romping and getting dirty is the name of the game. He is outgoing, bold and very adorable. His blue merle markings are just stunning and he often has a lot to say.

Lexie is a tri-color Smooth Coat Collie. She has a rather submissive personality and lets her brother take...

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Comments | Posted in Animal Rescue By Stephanie
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