Zack gets a new collar

Zack was dropped off at an animal control after his family said they lost their house and could no longer care for him. Poor guy has been a wreck since losing the only family he ever knew and has been very sad and mournfully howls when we have to leave him at home alone. We took Zack in as a foster dog and he has been enjoying his new friends (the Pink Puppy spokesdogs, Gerry and Fletcher), but he still hasn't settled in 100% and longs for a new forever family to call his own.

Shortly after arriving here, Zack picked out his new martingale collar and is very pleased with his choice. He picked the Red Hearts Buckle Martingale Dog Collar. He loves showing it off to people he meets and hope a new family sees how cute he looks and falls in love with him.

Zack is currently available for adoption through Animal Education and Rescue based out of Libertyville, IL. If you have questions about Zack or are interested in adopting him, please contact us