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Happy Customers

Here are some of our happy customers. If your dog is wearing a Pink Puppy collar, please feel free to send a photo and we would love to post it on our site!


Pink Puppy's foster dog, Reginald, shows off his Oxford Strings Martingale Collar. What a handsome boy!


Deja sports her Laguna Dots Martingale Collar. She has appropriately renamed it the "Deja Dots" collar and has requested that we update the name on our site. Hmmm. Maybe, sweet girl, just maybe. :) - J.D. [Illinois, USA]


Check that big smile on Lola's face. She's wearing her Raspberry Dots chain martingale dog collar


Hanging out wearing her matching Watermelon Stripes chain martingale and Leash set - B.B. [New Jersey, USA]


Check out pretty Savannah showing off her Evening Flowers martingale collar. - B.B. [New Jersey, USA]

Van Gogh

Here is Vanny showing off his red argyle collar... so handsome! - M.S. [Illinois, USA]

Van Gogh

Vanny loves his new Mr. Alligator martingale dog collar! - M.S. [Illinois, USA]

The red collar arrived today and looks just great on my jet black standard poodle puppy. She will have to grow into the collar a bit, which is fine since she is only 5and 1/2 months old. Thank you so very much. I appreciate your help. - D.B. [New York, USA]


Thanks Stephanie! I love my new collar.- Coco [Florida, USA]


Misty received her collar through our Collars for Rescues program.Misty is an 11 year old sweetheart being fostered in southeast Michigan. She's potty trained and pretty much crate trained. She has a severe heart murmur & arrhythmia that require daily medications. She is well behaved in her foster home but should not be placed in a home with other pets, as she is aggressive toward most other dogs and extremely aggressive toward cats. It's unknown how she is around small children. Her foster mom is working with her on obedience to commands and walking nicely on the leash without pulling. Misty is quiet and very laid back with people, and would make a good companion pet for an older person in a low-key environment.- Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue [Midwest, USA]


Petunia received her collar through our Collars for Rescues program.Petunia is a great dog who loves to be loved. She would be a great addition to any adult home. Her foster mom have taken her through two clicker training classes and she loves to work and spend time with her people. She loves working on tricks and does high-5, shake, play dead, sit pretty and crawl. She gets a little overstimulated by distracting environments but is slowly getting better. She had resource guarding issues in a previous foster home, but we have done some great work with the clicker and have seen great improvements. Her foster mom would be more than willing to help any new adopter with the exercises to insure a happy placement. When she's bored and has excess energy she will find things to chew. This is easily remedied with proper exercise and preventing her from getting any stuff she shouldn't have.- Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue [Midwest, USA]


You asked that I send you some pics of our dog when she received her new collar and leash set - so here they are!They are beautiful and set off Willis McParti's unique coat with panache! Willis appears to really like her new 'accessory'. Thank you.- J.T. [Maine, USA]


Firecracker was rescued with her brother at barely 7 weeks of age from living in a ditch behind a gas station. She loves showing off her new collar and how far she's come since then!Read more about Firecracker- [Illinois, USA]


Here is Maggie looking so cute in her new Pink Puppy collar and harness!- [Illinois, USA]


Bear was rescued from a rural shelter where his days were numbered. He was taken in by Animal Education & Rescue ( and looks quite stunning in his polka-dot martingale. Quite a step up from his previous life.Read more about Bear- [Illinois, USA]


"Here is my beautiful Pashmina, with a Pink Puppy collar. :)Martingale collars are a must for my afghan hound, with her big neck and small head. It's very "secure".Thank you very much, hope to do business again!"- I.C. [Quebec, Canada]


Sasha is a 10 year old border collie and just a few weeks ago was brought to the vet. Normally dog's don't like going to the vet, and this particular trip was beyond anyone's imagination. Her owner brought her in to euthanize her... not because she was sick or in pain, but because she had "outlived her usefulness" (according to her "owner").Fortunately the kind people at the vet decided to try and find her a home. Good thing they did because today is the day she is going to her new forever home to be loved and doted on for the rest of her life.As a going home present, Sasha got a collar from Pink Puppy Designs! Her collar of choice is a pink martingale collar with black polka dots. She likes to show off her sassy side!- [Illinois, USA]

Mr. Pink

Mr. Pink is one of our spokesdogs. He loves collars and prefers to rotate through his many collar designs. After all, who can have just ONE collar?!- S.C. [Illinois, USA]

Mr. Pink

Here's Mr. Pink wearing one of his more "boyish" collars. Baseball Puppies!- S.C. [Illinois, USA]